SCARY Storybook

A Nightmare

Once upon a spooky time, while I was having a party, a spooky monster came in. He looked like my mom’s plants which are green. Except he has 2 eyeballs sticking out. The next thing I saw was… my thumb opened up with green slime…, and a it had a cat’s skull that had bone ears and then he went out. And then he came back in. Except, the 2nd time he came in, he looked like a flying skull. I said “Quick!” to my mom. She thought soooooooooooooo much. She came up with a mammoth idea. “He didn’t say not to call him Arnold the Butt Wipe.” As she wiped my butt. She then slid the dirty paper into a clean paper. Then she wrapped up the spooky monster. The spooky monster disappeared.


March 2, 2011

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