Summer Cooking Project

Scrambled Eggs with String Cheese


I decided to cook breakfast for myself. I wanted scrambled egg with string cheese. We preheated the cast iron pan. I chopped 1 string cheese. I put olive oil into the pan. I  cracked an egg into the pan and whisked the egg and the string cheese. when it looked ready, we took it out. I ate it with a slice of bread, a tangerine and drank paşa çayı with my breakfast. Pa?a çay? is black tea mixed with cold water so a child can drink it. It is Turkish. Pa?a means a general in Turkish. They call their nice sons pa?a. Çay means tea. My anne (means mother in Turkish) made %5 and and made %95 of this recipe.

I made the t-shirt you see on the picture myself at school during the last clubs.

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