The Things I See

Life Is Beautiful


I watched Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella). It’s about a man, his child, and the wife that get taken over by the Nazis. The father is the only guy that dies in the family. The mother isn’t a Jew, but the father and son are. The dad says something about a 1000 point game and that the prize is a real tank (apart from the kid’s toy tank!) and that the Germans get lolipops. He says this Mumbo Jumbo so not scare his kid.

I liked the movie,  I was scared for the kid and was sad for the dad.

My great aunt was a Jew who survived the Nazis, but her family didn’t. I think she survived because she could translate German.

I heard a riddle from the movie. It was:

What disappears after you say its name?








The Things I See

Button Wagon


I saw an acrobatic  Button Wagon show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.There was a very large spool, a rabbit, a man, a woman, humongo needles( which looked more like stakes), and 2 metallic hoops . The woman could stretch her leg a mile in a dance and the man was good as an actor. He could balance a BIG needle on his nose! The woman sewed herself inside the rabbit and got stabbed inside the spool by the Needles of Death but nothing happened to her. She was a button magnet and was addicted to buttons. She took a million buttons and put them in her mouth. Then she spit them out at the man. She was flirtin’ with an VERY OVERSIZED button.

I liked the jokes and their  physical capabilities. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP.

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