Poems SCARY Storybook


I am not dead, not alive, somewhere in the middle.
Not a ghost, not a ghoul.
Not able to play the fiddle.
I can not go on planes.
My favorite food is brains.
Bad luck, dumbstruck, I am one of those lames.
Please send your brains in a package,
Because of my very poor lackage.

SCARY Storybook

A Nightmare

Once upon a spooky time, while I was having a party, a spooky monster came in. He looked like my mom’s plants which are green. Except he has 2 eyeballs sticking out. The next thing I saw was… my thumb opened up with green slime…, and a it had a cat’s skull that had bone ears and then he went out. And then he came back in. Except, the 2nd time he came in, he looked like a flying skull. I said “Quick!” to my mom. She thought soooooooooooooo much. She came up with a mammoth idea. “He didn’t say not to call him Arnold the Butt Wipe.” As she wiped my butt. She then slid the dirty paper into a clean paper. Then she wrapped up the spooky monster. The spooky monster disappeared.


March 2, 2011

SCARY Storybook


When I was playing violin, I wasted my bow**. “No brains”, my mom said. I pointed to my head and smiled. 20 years later, I was poisoned. My mom cut open my head. She didn’t see a brain inside. Both my parents cut down, down, down. No brain. she was right. I had no brain.




* purposely misspelled

** On my bow I went too fast on my bow, then I was stuck at the tip.

SCARY Storybook

Alive Or Dead?

I was invited to a Halloween party. The scary thing was that nobody knew if the decorations were fake or REAL. Even a Halloween genius wouldn’t know. I thought that was a huge blob of nonsense. I just marched up to every decoration and examined each one carefully. It’s so sad how much people work just to scare me. It’s no use.

When I exited the Halloween party, was I alive or dead?…